Make your business more popular with Shared Hosting service.

The shared hosting service is the most popular hosting service. It has many advantages and offers the best services at an affordable price. You can choose a plan as per your requirements.


The shared hosting service comes with the following features:

  • Ability to host one or more websites as per the plan
  • SSD storage from 5GB to 10 GB
  • Bandwidth from 2TB to 5 TB
  • MySQL database from 5 databases to unlimited
  • Business email IDs from 5 to unlimited

Benefits of shared hosting service 

Blazing speed – If the server is powered by SSD (Solid State Drive), the data retrieval will be very quick. Compared to the traditional hard drives, the data retrieval with the SSD will be 20 times higher. Thus, the web pages will load at blazing speeds when you host on a server with an SSD drive.

Data backup – When you choose a hosting service provider, you should give importance to data safety. The data should not be lost saved on the server. The hosting service provider should take the backup of the data automatically. Client-centric information will not be lost when you manage backup at regular intervals. The customer relations will be very much enhanced when you serve customers in real-time, overcoming the outage and other issues that are beyond our control.

Security features – The web hosting service provider should offer safety for the data stored on the server and transfer the data to and fro the server. Some web hosting service providers offer free SSL certificates. If you can obtain an SSL certificate, your website will fare better in SEO results. The data transmission will securely take place.

Nearest data center – Customers should have the freedom to choose a data center that is nearest to their location. If a business comprises a majority of customers located at a specific place, it is advisable to choose the server that is closer to the customers’ location. The page retrieval will be quick, and customer satisfaction levels will be high. A reputed shared hosting service provider offers flexibility for the client in this direction.

cPanel control panel – The clients should manage their website and the hosting account in a very efficient manner. It is possible with the free access given to cPanel dashboard. Now, it has become an industry standard to provide free access to cPanel dashboard. If you buy a shared hosting service from a reputed service provider, you will get access to cPanel without any issues. The cPanel will let you manage various files, domains, sub-domains, and website transfer from one host to another host.


Through the page–caching technique, businesses will be able to offer a seamless experience to their clients. The page loading speed will improve with the caching. The visitor will be able to restart on the website from where they left earlier. Visitors will stay on the website for an extended period without landing on the competitor’s site.


A shared hosting plan is a competitive plan affordable for small and large businesses. If you can subscribe to the best plan offered by a reputed service provider, you will get benefits comparable to that of a dedicated hosting service.

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